Why Us?

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Actively Involved Management

Founders Martin and Leah believe the best part of the job is hanging out with your cats, so they will never give it up! Together with our team of professional cat sitters, they’ve kept thousands of San Antonio cats safe and happy for over 25 years.


We’re Your Neighbors

Unlike an online sitting directory with uploaded profiles and a call center in another state for back-up, we are your neighbors right here in San Antonio. When your air condition breaks in the middle of July or your kitty needs medical attention while you are miles away, you are in direct contact with us to swiftly resolve the unexpected not a phone agent unfamiliar with you, your cats, your home, or your city.

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Proven Quality

Recommended by local veterinarians (including feline specialists)

Every team member is a cat owner-aficionado with years of experience caring for feline family members, is fully trained, bonded, insured, CPR certified & receives ongoing training and support

You don’t have to guess or worry - check out our history of reviews Angie’s List, Yelp, Google and others.

We’ve received Angie’s List Super Service Awards every year since 2014

Cat Approved

We’re good at building a fun, loving relationship with your cat so they see us as family. Having that special bond lets us identify what makes your cat especially happy and content. Play-time—brushing—just hanging out? Or maybe a little catnip or feliway comfort spray to make the visit more interesting. We’ll seek out what your cat likes best.