Our In-Home Cat Sitting



During kitty visits

We follow your detailed instructions on feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, medications, and other care. Then we love hanging out with your cat!

Does your cat enjoy a game of laser pen, interactive wand toy, or prefer a snuggle during visits? Would a puff of feliway pheromone comforting spray keep them content or would a pinch of catnip jazz things up? How about an empty cardboard box to play or sleep in? We aim to please. We’re used to working with shy kitties too. We check on them to make sure they are okay where they’re tucked away and let them approach us when they’re ready, always leaving the invitation open for that moment when they’re ready to interact.

You can see our check-in and check-out times verified by GPS with our convenient app and after every visit you will receive a detailed message telling you how the visit went along with fun photos of your furry family.

We will also help give your home a more lived-in appearance while you’re away:

Newspapers, packages, and door flyers are brought in

Lights and blinds can be adjusted

Plants can be watered (visit time allowing) and mail brought in at no extra charge