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At Companion Keepers, we prioritize your cat's well-being and happiness, going the extra mile to ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve. Discover firsthand what other San Antonio neighbors have to say about our cat sitting services and the exceptional team you'll be working with.

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Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients, and we’re proud to share their experiences with you. Read what your fellow San Antonio neighbors have to say about our cat sitting services and the team you’ll be working with. Our reviews are locally sourced, reflecting the genuine experiences of those who have entrusted us with the care of their beloved cats and homes.

Choose Companion Keepers for cat sitting services that prioritize your cat’s well-being and happiness. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your cat receives the love and attention they deserve. Contact us today to schedule visits and experience the difference in cat care with Companion Keepers.

Your cat deserves the best – choose Companion Keepers for premier cat sitting services.

Trusted by San Antonio Cat Parents

-Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, DABVP (Feline) satisfied customer of Companion Keepers

Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, DABVP (Feline) | Alamo Feline Health Center

“I have worked with Companion Keepers since Leah started her pet sitting business in 1995. She is a true professional in the level of care she gives to cats. I have recommended her to hundreds of my clients and have never had a complaint. If you live in her service area, you should seriously consider Leah for the care of your cat whether for a day or two or several weeks. She truly loves cats and will give you peace of mind when you are out of town knowing that your feline companion will get the best of care.”

Pam F, satisfied client of Companion Keepers

Pam F., Client

"I love this service! I have used them for years now. They check the pool level, water my herbs, neatly stack my mail and tend to all the needs of my sweet girl. On our most recent vacation, a clean white shirt box lid was brought for my cat’s entertainment along with catnip, a soft toy and tissue paper. I was sent pictures of every visit to see how content she seemed. She wore out the box lid so I got a stronger one and she has lived in it for weeks now! What a great idea! I highly recommend Companion Keepers Cat Sitting. They are dependable, trust worthy, engaged and professional."

an image of Jenne Mundy, Feline Behaviorist, a satisfied Companion Keepers client

Jenne Mundy, Feline Behaviorist

“I've had countless professional sitters, relied on friends, neighbors, and family, but Companion Keepers is the ONLY service I trust with my cats. They check that everything is peaceful and serene at your home -- no burst pipes or flooding or all the things that can and do happen! And most importantly, they stay to love your cats. These ladies have held my cats when they're cuddly, they've eased their suffering when they're ill, and they've grieved when it's time to cross the rainbow bridge. They love what they do, and they love each and every cat under their protection.” CatProfiler.com

an image of Susan, a satisfied Companion Keepers Client, in San Antonio TX

Susan, Client

“Thanks Companion Keepers. I truly feel at ease traveling as I know my Bebe is cared for by the best. The first time in over 6 years that I have been able to travel without anxiety over my cat who has feline renal disease. His daily medical needs are extensive and Companion Keepers has the experience to provide for him while I am traveling. We love you Leah.”

an image of Jack H, a satisfied Companion Keepers Client, in San Antonio TX

Jack H., Client

"I don't write reviews. But I'm making an exception because we were so lucky to have found Companion Keepers- they are amazing! I've lived in several cities and gone through a lot of sitters and Leah and her team are the most professional and deeply caring sitters I've met. They were extremely good with our elderly special needs cat and went out of there way to soothe my fiance's nerves before our trip and make sure our "old man" was well taken care of while we were away. They even helped recommend a amazing vet as well."

an image of Mary S, satisfied client of Companion Keepers

Mary S., Client

"They saved my cats life! He ate a shoelace while we were out of town and they immediately got him to his own vet and communicated with me the entire time. He ended up having to have an endoscopy at Blue Pearl to remove it. Got it JUST in time, had it gone from his stomach into his intestines he would be dead now. He has done this before and has scar tissue in his intestines and has had 3 major surgeries to remove objects he's eaten (string, pipe cleaner and now shoe lace?!!) A 4th surgery wouldn't have been possible, so yes they saved his life. I ONLY use Companion Keepers when I have to go out of town."

an image of Tom H, satisfied client of Companion Keepers

Tom H., Client

"If you are looking for a professional cat sitting service that takes their responsibility regarding your cat and your property very seriously, you should contact Companion Keepers Cat Sitting Service for an on site visit to get you more acquainted with the range of services they can provide. Your cat or cats will appreciate the attention they will be getting while your are away and you can rest assured they will enjoy the daily company as they await your return."

an image of Mary S, satisfied client of Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

Eve L., Client

"Wonderful experience with this excellent company. We were so nervous to leave our kitties for ten whole days, as we haven’t previously been apart for that long, but the team made us so comfortable. You can see the integrity and compassion these folks have for their duties from the very first phone call. The updates were very detailed, these ladies care so very much for the kitties they are watching after. Their kindness and thoughtfulness touched my heart and reassured me my fur babies are very well taken care of. There are not enough kind things I can say and I am forever grateful to have found them."

an image of Takayo and Sammy, a satisfied client of Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

Sammy, Client

Companion Keepers has a very professional team and took such good care of Logan, my house, and plants! I don't think I've ever left Logan for even 3 days without coming home to him being frantic and attention starved. He's been so loving, calm, and happy after being away for over a week! Such a gift to come home to him and know he's been so well cared for. Highly recommend!

an image of Beau, a satisfied client of Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

Beau, Client

Companion Keepers is by far the best pet sitting service in San Antonio for cats. They have taken care of my cats while I am away for over 15 years now. They leave a daily message on their portal with pictures and sometimes a video, just to make you feel reassured that your pet is being well cared for. These messages are so special and make me feel like my cat has a new friend. I really appreciate the level of service they provide for my babies!

an image of Clint S, satisfied Companion Keepers client

Clint S., Client

“They understand pets, home security and what people want to know when they’re away...never had pet help at this level of excellence. Can’t recommend them too highly.”

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