What does San Antonio have to say about Companion Keepers Cat Sitting?

When Leah is taking care of my cats, I know that my cats are receiving excellent, loving care. I love the detailed texts and photos that keep me updated and worry-free. I recommend Companion Keepers Cat Sitting Service as the premium cat sitting service!
— Janet Atkins
Companion keepers cat sitters are awesome. I have four cats and they are all spoiled. I don’t have to worry anymore when I go away Leah treats them as if they were her own. She sends me daily updates and pictures and a full recap when I return. I can now go on vacation and know that my fur babies will be taken care of just like as if I had stayed home with them. I’m so lucky to have found them.
— Susan St George
Leah and Martin are Saint Francis’s angels. Companion Keepers goes WAY above and beyond every other pet sitter I’ve tried! My kids adore Leah :) They’re always relaxed and happy when I get home, which makes ME relaxed and happy when I travel! Leah has been my cat sitter since 2010. Some years ago my first cat went into heart failure while I was stuck out of town and my brother was at my house. I called Leah and Martin and they rushed over that night to help. They took care of her and comforted my poor traumatized brother. I’ll always feel horrible that I wasn’t there, but i know that my little one was at peace at the end, home with people she loved. My family is forever grateful for these caring, generous, kind, cat-loving people.
— Jennifer
Leah is just the best of the best. They’ve encountered more than their share of problems at my temperamental apartment – AC going out in August, sudden ant infestations, ceiling leak – and have dealt with them all effectively and professionally. Most recently, they were there for me with practically no notice when I had to deal with a family emergency. So grateful to them for making vacations possible and difficult things easier. They give daily updates, with pix, and do a great job. Also my cats love them and are always mellow when I get back.
— Melanie Allen
Leah and the team are absolutely the best! They pay attention to every detail and go out of their way to make sure my house and pets are doing well. I love that I get text updates and pictures while I am away. I feel at ease knowing that the girls are being well taken care of. I would 100% recommend them to anyone!
— Courtney Boehme Martin
It is such a good feeling knowing your pet is well looked after when you need to be away and that is what Leah provides. They spend time with my cat beyond just the feeding & cleaning litter boxes. I love the texts & photos letting me know all is well at home. I will happily recommend them!
— Ivy Wentz
Leah has become member of the family. When we leave the house, they take over. They don’t just identify problems, the feel a responsibility to solve them. Door to the garage wouldn’t lock this trip, keeping them from tossing litter into the bin. They took the litter with them and disposed of it themselves. They understand pets, home security and what people want to know when they’re away. They give a detailed report each morning by text (often with photo) and somewhere in there is “Everything’s fine here.” We look for that line every day. Never had pet help at this level of excellence. Can’t recommend them too highly.
— Clint Swift
When the Companion Keepers team discovered our indoor-outdoor cat Cleo had suffered a deep laceration to her foreleg, we were six time zones away happily confident Cleo was getting great care at home.

Companion Keepers’ meticulous planning for emergencies, attention to detail, and dedication to best-possible care paid off — they’d helped us prepare written authorizations to act on our behalf. We were delighted that Cleo’s usual veterinarian attended to Cleo’s wound: sedation, suturing, recovery, antibiotics, and medication for pain. Leah juggled schedules and purchased supplies to arrange aftercare at home exactly as we wanted it.

This time, Leah was able to reach us to help us consider options and make decisions. Had she not been able to reach us, we are certain she’d have done what was best for Cleo. Options included Cleo’s usual vet, Leah’s family vet, and a trusted vet emergency clinic.

Cleo couldn’t have had better care if we’d been home.

Companion Keepers have handled less dramatic challenges with equal poise: raccoon invasions, ant infestations, and “smart” cyborg thermostats becoming sentient and seizing control of our home.

From love and tummy rubs to care in a crisis, Companion Keepers is simply the best.
— Robert & John
Absolutely love these ladies for taking care of my babies while I was away!!! Who likes to leave their kids but if you have to, this is the best company in San Antonio to do so with! I enjoy all the text messages and photo updates to put my mind at ease that my kitties are being cared for by cat lovers! I would recommend them to everyone with animals!!! Thank you Leah!!!
— Donna Ajir
Thanks Companion Keepers. I truly feel at ease traveling as I know my Bebe is cared for by the best. The first time in over 6 years that I have been able to travel without anxiety over my cat who has feline renal disease. His daily medical needs are extensive and Companion Keepers has the experience to provide for him while I am traveling. We love you Leah.
— Susan D Howell