Budget friendly 30 minute visits starting at $28 up to 60 minute and beyond. Choose which is best for your cat’s needs

Unsure which visit package is best?

***45 minute visits- Most optimal for your cat. All care needs are met plus there’s interaction time to reassure, love on, and play with your cat. Our 45 minute morning visits offer the best value!

30 minute visits- All care needs met along with some TLC time.

60 minute visits- The ultimate in TLC time or for cats with special care needs.

*Special rates apply if your pet has special medication requirements or if we will be visiting on these Holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas/Winter Holidays.

Included In Every Visit

  • Real time GPS reports showing your sitter entering and leaving your house

  • Photos, video, and detailed reports of the visit and how your kitty is doing

  • Chin scratches, lap time, kitty massages, TLC and hang out time

  • Interactive playtime

  • Organic Catnip with Silvervine (your kitty will LOVE it)

  • Comfort Zone to decrease stress

  • Fresh water and cuisine in clean dishes

  • Litter box housekeeping

  • Medication

  • Mail, package, and newspaper pickup

  • Light plant watering

  • Special care for senior kitty

    We service North Central San Antonio along the 281, from Alamo Heights North to Stone Oak

Most portions of: 78209, 78213, 78216, 78232, 78258

Some portions of: 78213, 78247, 78248, 78230, and 78231