Our Personalized Cat Sitting Rates

Experience a new standard of cat sitting excellence with Companion Keepers. Our services are tailored to meet your cats' unique needs and personalities. We're committed to providing professional cat sitting with our personal, caring touch.

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Tailored Excellence in Cat Sitting Services

At Companion Keepers, we offer a range of cat sitting services tailored to meet the unique needs of your furry family members. Our team consists of experienced cat parents who are Pet CPR and Pet Sitter certified through Pet Care Team Training©. With 28 years of professional cat sitting experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the well-being of your cats.

Select the Perfect Option for Your Cat’s Unique Needs

We understand that every cat is unique, with their own set of needs and preferences. That’s why we offer varied visit durations to ensure that your feline friend receives the care and attention they deserve. Our dedicated team is here to cater to your cat’s well-being, providing the ultimate in professional cat sitting services.

a graphic of the 30-minute visits package offered by Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

 Try us out: 20% off your first trip – $36 (AM) or $39 (PM)

30 Minute Visits – $45 (AM) or $49 (PM)

Our 30-minute visits are designed to meet your cat’s basic care needs while providing them with some much-needed companionship. We understand that a quick check-in and some quality time can make all the difference for your beloved cat.

a graphic of the 45-minute visits package offered by Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

 Try us out: 20% off your first trip – $47 (AM) or $50 (PM)

45 Minute Visits – $59 (AM) or $63 (PM)

For those cats who thrive on play, love, and reassurance, our 45-minute visits are the perfect choice. It’s the sweet spot that allows us to attend to your cat’s daily care needs and spend quality time bonding with them.

a graphic of the 60 minute visits package offered by Companion Keepers in San Antonio TX

 Try us out: 20% off your first trip – $63 (AM) or $66 (PM)

60 Minute Visits – $79 (AM) or $83 (PM)

When your cat deserves the ultimate in tender loving care, our 60-minute visits are the ideal choice. This extended visit is perfect for cats with special needs, those in multi-cat homes, or cats who simply crave more attention.

Holiday Rates: Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years
During holiday seasons, we continue to provide our exceptional care, ensuring that your cat doesn’t miss out on quality attention.

Please inquire about our holiday rates when booking visits.

Why No 15/20/25 Minute Visits?

We prioritize the well-being of your cat above all else. Many cat sitting services offer shorter 15-25 minute visits, but we believe in providing a level of care that truly benefits your feline friend.

Our visit durations allow for:

  • Checking Your Cat’s Well-Being: We ensure that your cat is in good health and high spirits during each visit.
  • Play, Interaction, and Companionship: Cats often feel anxiety or loneliness when left alone. We provide the time and attention they need to ease their stress.
  • Reassurance for Shy Kitties: Some cats are more reserved, and we take the time to help them feel comfortable and secure in our presence.
  • Early Intervention: Longer visits give us more opportunities to detect signs of illness or other issues and intervene promptly.
  • Comprehensive Care: Our extended visits include essentials like photos, videos, detailed notes, chin scratches, playtime, lap time, kitty massages, organic catnip and silvervine, a spritz of Comfort Zone, fresh water, clean cuisine dishes, litter box housekeeping, medication administration, light plant watering, and dedicated TLC for senior kitties.
  • All GPS Time/Location Stamped: You can trust that we provide accurate and timely care for your cat.

Daily Visits

We'll visit your cats daily to ensure they are fed, have fresh water, and receive plenty of love and attention.

Litter Box Maintenance

We'll keep the litter boxes clean, ensuring a comfortable and clean environment for your cats.

Medication Administration

For amicable cats requiring maintenance medications, we're experienced in administering oral and transdermal medications safely and accurately.

Playtime and Companionship

We'll spend quality time with your cats, engaging them in play and providing companionship.

Professional Staffing

Our all-employee team is fully vetted, insured, bonded and covered by Workers Compensation for your peace of mind.

Real-Time Communication

We keep you connected through our app for easy booking management, cat updates and seamless communication via messages, photos, videos, and real-time GPS tracking.

Tailored Care for Your Cat’s Well-Being

At Companion Keepers, we understand that your cat deserves the very best care, which is why our visits go beyond the essentials to include Tender Loving Care (TLC). During every visit, you can expect:

  • Photos, Video, and Detailed Notes: We believe in transparent communication, so we provide visual and written updates to give you a clear picture of how your cat is doing.
  • Chin Scratches, Playtime, Lap Time: Your cat’s happiness is our priority, and we make sure to spend quality time with them, engaging in activities they love.
  • Kitty Hangout Time: We pride ourselves on our dedicated hangout sessions with your cat.
  • Organic Catnip and Silvervine: Spoil your kitty with these feline favorites, guaranteed to bring joy and playfulness to their day.
  • Comfort Zone to Decrease Stress: Our tool to create a more calming atmosphere, helping to reduce stress and anxiety during our visits.
  • Fresh Water and Cuisine: We ensure that your cat has access to clean dishes with fresh water and food, maintaining their health and well-being.
  • Litter Box Housekeeping: A clean litter box is essential for your cat’s comfort, and we take care of this important task during each visit.

Our Service Area

Companion Keepers proudly serves the following north-central San Antonio zip codes:

78209 78216 78230 78231 78232 78258 78259 78247 (west of Bulverde Road only)
78248 (Elm Creek, Castlewood Forest, Hunters Creek only) 78212 (Olmos Park Only) 78213 (north of loop 410 only)
***We are thrilled to offer our pet sitting services to those within the following zip codes. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend our services beyond these specified areas at this time.
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