Meet Our Team of Professional In-Home Cat Sitters

Get to know our cat-savvy team members, each equipped with extensive experience and education as current cat parents, Pet CPR and Pet Sitter certifications and 25 years of professional cat sitting expertise. Our fully vetted and insured team is committed to delivering expert care and affection to your feline companions.

Martin Burt, founder/owner since 1994

Martin and Leah are lifelong cat family members. They started Companion Keepers Cat Sitting in 1994. Right now they live with 5 feline family members. Our team of cat sitters depends on their wealth of experience being actively involved in the cat sitting business for 25+ years. Martin finds his best fit as the household trouble-shooter and cat sitter within Companion Keepers. Sticky locks, a/c issues, and other household issues that can happen while you’re gone are assessed. Working with you, Martin oversees home issues and contacts your local contacts to assist or outside contractors to keep things safe and comfortable for your cats. In the event we can’t reach you right away, Martin makes the proper adjustments (i.e. turning off water or electric, securing broken locks) until professional help can be contacted. When everything is going smooth, which it normally does, Martin loves hanging out with your cats!

Emily, lead professional cat care specialist since 2017

“My favorite part of this job tends to be the diversity of cats, ranging from affectionate to cranky. I enjoy figuring out what makes each cat tick and what they enjoy the most. I think I’m pretty successful at reaching cats and making friends with them. But no matter what, I always try to exceed their expectations and that of their owners.” Emily started her venture into cat ownership as a child. A big beautiful black cat wandered into her yard and Emily lovingly tried sharing her burrito with her new special friend. While Fang (as he was later named), didn’t think much of the burrito he did appreciate Emily’s love and companionship. Emily is owned by three full time indoor cats including household tyrant Angus who rules the domain. Emily has experience caring for her own senior kitties and volunteering with cats in various animal shelters. Emily also works in the library science field. Emily states, “Books and cats have always been my perfect mix.”

Takayo, professional cat care specialist since 2019

“I love meeting all kitties and developing friendships with them. It is such a joy to play with them and watch them go nuts! Also, when a shy kitty starts to warm up to me, it makes me so happy.” Takayo met her best friend Mimi, a tortoiseshell, when she was attending fashion design school. Since then Takayo and Mimi were inseparable. It would have been a deal breaker if Mimi did not accept her husband, Brian. Fortunately, Brian is a huge animal lover and Mimi was OK with him. Takayo has experience caring for young active cats as well as elderly kitties with renal decline. She’s a part-time floral designer and mommy to two black kitties, Nino and Evie, as well as a Rottweiler named Kuma who are all best buds.

Jenn, professional cat care specialist since 2020

Jenn had her first cat before she even started kindergarten and hasn’t been without a furry companion ever since. She is a sucker for a kitty in need, from taking in a whole litter of kittens to random strays found in parking lots and bus stops. A bus stop is where she found the handsome Paco Pollo that you see in the picture here. He was a fearless kitten that she still needed to bottle feed and after 10 years he was the best friend she had to syringe feed and give subcutaneous fluids. After Paco passed, it was hard to think of getting another cat, but even harder to live without that cat bond, which is how she came about cat sitting for a friend who had to go out of state for work for a year. She has become the go-to in her circles for anything cat related. She and her husband now share their home with the very refined Madame Adalaide, silly goose Wilma, and their newest rescue, Dennis, the trouble maker. And of course, any cat that passes by looking for a little snack and some TLC.

Kari, professional cat care specialist since March 2022

“Cat happiness is my goal! I strive to, keep them feeling safe and content by following their routine, and caring about their Individual needs. I love to bond with different feline friends and provide top notch care just like I would for my own fur baby.” As a kid Kari was allergic to cats but always loved to visit her grandmas “cranky” kitty Bella. Her grandma use to say “This girl needs a cat!”. And this was definitely true! Fortunately for Kari, she outgrew her allergy and found her beloved feline family member Meow Meow. Meow was found in the carport of her old home, and It was love at first sight! Kari worked with Meow to become more comfortable indoors and finally adopted her when she moved out of her moms house. Since then Meow has become the center of attention! Kari has learned so much about feline dental care and nutrition since meeting Meow Meow and has a passion for learning about feline health.

Laura, professional cat care specialist since August 2023

Laura’s passion for caring for animals began on her family’s New Mexico farm, where she learned to provide basic care for the menagerie of cats, dogs, and other small creatures. Her compassion shone through when she removed porcupine quills from her beloved dog’s face. After relocating to San Antonio, Laura worked closely with veterinarians to care for pets with special needs. Her experience administering medications and assisting with pet transportation led her to establish Elle Jay’s Pet Care Services in 2004. In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic put business on hold but also gave Laura time to refocus and expand. While still dedicated to her own business clients, Laura also joined forces with Companion Keepers, lending her knowledge and dedication to better serve the cat community in San Antonio. Laura loves to deliver attentive, customized care that supports cats’ wellbeing and brings peace of mind to cat parents. Laura is presently the proud mom to four rescued cats: Ginobili, Lily her tripawd kitty, Papi, and Bluebonnet Bob.

Lindsey, professional cat care specialist since 2023

Lindsey has always had a great attachment to cats, after being raised around the many kitties her grandma had over the years. She was blessed with her first cat at age 12, Tabitha, that she had for 17 years and got to grow up with in all stages of life. Known as the cat-lady to those around her, Lindsey’s cat-sat for many friends, and is now so excited to share her love with other kitties and their owners in our community. Lindsey also manages a couple of dance studios in the area and is mom to her beloved tortie Luna, who she shares with her wonderful husband, Matthew.

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