Our History



By Owners Leah and Martin

Before opening for business in 1994, we traveled—a lot. Delilah, our beautiful torti persian was our concern but we were lucky —family was always available and we didn’t have to worry. But things changed and family members we counted on moved away. The professional pet sitting industry was not established in San Antonio much less cat sitting. After a long search, we found a committed friend willing to house sit with Delilah. Back-up plans, veterinarian instructions, and every contingency we could think of was covered. Before mobile phones or reliable internet service, we would be completely out of touch on our trip to Kenya until our return 10 days later.

But what was obvious to us as long-term cat owners wasn’t as obvious for our friend regarding cat behavior and recognizing early when something was wrong—and sadly things did go wrong on our trip. Delilah developed an ear infection and as a senior cat the infection spread. Our sitter missed the clues and then medicated incorrectly, not out of neglect, but out of lack of cat-care experience. In spite of aggressive veterinarian treatment when we returned, our worst nightmare happened— Delilah passed away. We will always feel the pain and regret.


A few years after losing Delilah the pet sitting industry came along. The angst of being traveling cat parents coupled with our loss still fresh we had our mission: fulfill the unmet need of traveling cat owners, in an unheard niche of pet sitting—cat sitting. All these years later it remains a joy and privilege to keep your cats happy, safe and content while you’re away. Everything we know we train our team of experienced cat-people with so you can be away without guilt or worry.

Our Cat Sitters


Leah and Martin

Martin and Leah are lifelong cat owners, and currently have 6 feline family members of their own. Martin and Leah continue to be active in the day to day operations of the business, including cat sitting. You can count on them to ensure your cats are well attended during your travels.



Emily started her venture into cat ownership as a child. A big beautiful black cat wandered into her yard and Emily lovingly tried sharing her burrito with her new special friend. While Fang (as he was later named), didn’t think much of the burrito he did appreciate Emily’s love and companionship. Thus, started the purring, furry kingdom for Emily and her family. Presently, Emily is owned by three full time indoor cats including household tyrant Angus who rules the domain. Emily has experience volunteering with cats in various animal shelters. Emily also works in the library science field. Emily states, “Books and cats have always been my perfect mix.”



Mykayla comes from an animal loving family As a child, her dad was military and she made fond memories of moving frequently with all the family pets. Presently she has 2 spoiled cats and 2 dogs. She is an experienced veterinary technician and an avid pet sitter. Like most cat lovers, she loves all animals but has a special relationship with cats. They are her favorites and they know it!

Joey: Our admin (hard at work)

Office Admin Joey