Pet Sitting Testimonials

“Before we had you to keep the kitties, we came home to stressed, clingy animals. These days they hardly seem to notice when we’ve been gone. We’ll be calling you for our next trip.” -Amy H.

“How can I thank you enough for taking care of my babies for the last 3 years. I really think they like you more than me! They are happy when I get home and I’m glad I could trust you. Thank you, thank you.” -Deb, Velvet, Autumn & Pumpkin

“We want to thank you bunches for your excellent expertise in pet sitting us. We will always be grateful for having enjoyed lots of attention, affectionate care and love from you while our owner was gone.” – Norma A. & Daisy, Charlie, Lucky & Abbey

“Our cat was very calm and relaxed when we arrived home. You all do such a great job!”
-Louise S.

“Thank you so much for your attentive care to Wingnut and to our house. You not only gave us peace of mind knowing Wingnut’s medical & emotional needs were being met, but you went over & above our expectations in the last 2 days with our house problems.” -Marcella W.

“Thank you for the super job you all do in your pet sitting business. Charlie always misses you guys for a few days after we’re back. It’s comforting when we’re away to know he doesn’t miss us too much when he has you.” -Peggy B.