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About Us:
Companion Keepers was started out of our own need for pet care as frequent travelers. At a time when professional pet sitting was not widely available, we relied on family and friends to care for our Persian cat Delilah. At times this arrangement worked well, but at others it didn’t. As cat lovers recognizing the need for reliable pet sitting with a cat’s special needs in mind, Companion Keepers started in 1994 by Martin and Leah Burt in San Antonio, Texas.


San Antonio Service Area:
We service north central San Antonio to include most portions of zip codes: 78209, 78216, 78232, 78258, and most areas surrounding the airport area. Contact us to check your location.

Rosemary Rambow
I am at least a 3rd generation cat person. Growing up on a farm, I spent a lot of my spare time rescuing barn cats and kittens.

My rescue efforts continue and many have come in as orphaned babies who need to be bottle-fed around the clock. I began doing Trap/Neuter/Return with Joan Blackburn before TNR was known and we got some wonderful tame cats adopted that were scheduled for possible euthanasia.

I spent most of my working career at respected local veterinarian hospitals and at the Animal Eye Hospital where I learned to be a technician and currently work Monday afternoons with Dr. Rogers’ Petshotz vaccination clinics.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people do the right thing for their pets. Volunteer hours are spent socializing adoptable cats at Wildlife Rescue and fostering rescues on my own.

I live with 4 rescue cats: Sir Cupid, Lady Grey, Olivia Dunham, and Pickles Sebastien. I cannot imagine my life without their unconditional love and inspiration.